Week One Finale 2014

Sound Services

Black and White picture of a stack of speakers

From the smallest pair of speakers on stands, to a 25 kilowatt arena sound system and a new d&b Line Array, TEC have the capability to serve a wide variety of venues and audiences, suited to what your event requires.

Our smaller systems are great for conferences, talks, presentations and recitals in a smaller venue. These speakers can also be turned on their side and used as monitors (foldback) for bands and concerts.

Meanwhile, our larger PA systems can be used in a number of different configurations to provide the sound you want for the venue you’ve got, as loud as you want it (within reason!). We use both the Nexo Alpha and Alpha E lines of PA to find the best configuration for your event.

To complement our Nexo PA, we have invested in a d&b T-10 Line Array system, which can also be used in a point source configuration. This allows us greater flexibility than ever before in getting the perfect configuration for every event, in every venue.

Our amplifier stock is perfectly suited to our PA stock, many featuring in-house tweaks coupled with custom cabling to allow for every circumstance. TEC can meet any requirements in terms of noise, speaker arrangement and power availability.

When receiving a sound package from TEC, the charge for the amplifiers are included with the speakers themselves as a combined cost. Professional setup and control is also included with the cost of the equipment. It’s what we do.

Lighting Services

Haze and lights in a large space

TEC can provide almost any lighting configuration for your event, from a couple of spotlights to a DJ club night. We’ve done it all, and are happy to work to your specifications. We will set up, program and operate all of our lighting equipment and control desks as standard. That’s not to say you’re ignored: we’re here to be spoken to, so ask and you will receive.

Silhouetted person focusing a light

Generic Lighting

These are the standard dimmable on/off kind of lights that are great for spots and stage washes. They are straightforward to set up and can have colour and patterned gobo filters added for effective mood lighting.

The colour and position can’t change during the event, but they are perfect at what they do and few lighting events work without them.

Lights with beams in haze behind a DJ deck

Intelligent Lighting

For when you want to take things up a notch. From changing colours, spinning around and strobing, our intelligent lighting stock can give you that look to make your event stand out from the crowd.

We have an outstanding selection of intelligent lighting, foremost among which are our Robe DL4Ss. These LED fixtures offer super bright RGB colour for ultimate flexibility in a low power and quiet package. They are in their element when used as spotlight or feature fixture given the excellent beam control, but can also be effectively used for a wash. To complement these, we have a large number of Martin MAC 250s, with both a spotlight/profile and wash type available.

If it’s just effective mood colouring that you’re after, our StudioCob LED fixtures are the ideal choice, offering a colour changing wash in a fixed position. Brilliant for adding a splash of thematic colour, while a Technobeam or four can make a club or dance night really come to life, especially when paired with smoke.

More lights with beams in haze

Special Effects

Under lighting, we also feature our two items that help to give that extra ‘wow’ factor: smoke and strobing. We have a stock of crowd blinders and Atomic strobes, for when things need to get bright as well as loud.

We also have a Martin Magnum smoke machine, using water-based, non-hazardous smoke fluid and can fill a room, stage or tent with smoke. Depending on the atmosphere you’re looking for, we also have a DeMaitre haze machine – again using water-based effects to create a hazy, rather than smokey area.

AV Services


Pink lit building with spotlight on top

We have projectors to suit any event, large and small. From a halls film night to a projection on the side of the Trent Building, we can do it. Alongside our PA systems, we can make a film or a conference alike really come to life.


TEC own two Playback Racks which are Mac Mini based and are equipped with a 8-channel audio interface and Q-Lab 4. Alongside a Pulse video switcher and HDBase-T system, we have the capability to provide suitable AV services to a variety of events.